About me
I am a Dutch freelance photographer based in Apeldoorn. In my photography I have a great interest in visualizing people by taking ‘up close and personal’ portraitsBesides that I like travel/landscape and street photography. See also my interview in Apeldoorn Direct (Dutch).
Since 2017 I am Chairman of the Board of Apeldoorn Photo, the largest photography platform in Apeldoorn (and beyond) with expositions, workshops, meetups and much more! In 2018, we organised a very succesful and inspiring photo festival  ('Apeldoorn Fotostad'). See also this newspaper interview (Dutch). 
In May/June 2021 we organised the 5th edition of our photo festival. In Oct 2021 the well known Dutch photo exhibition Zilveren Camera can be seen in Apeldoorn!
Besides my assignments I like to work on personal projects and publish them.

(photo: Sven Scholten)

I love Fujifilm’s design and continuous improvement philosophy combined with their optical and sensor performance and analog inspired controls and ergonomics.
At present my main working system consists of: 
Fujifilm X-T3 • XF56mmF1.2 • XF16-55mmF2.8 • XF50-140mmF2.8
For my everyday/personal photography I use: 
Fujifilm X100V • TCL-X100II • WC-X100II • Fujifilm X-E3 • XF35F1.4
See my gear page for more details.

Fujifilm X100V (photo: Jonas Rask)

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my photography. I’m available for commissions and other photography projects. 
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