About me
I am a Dutch freelance photographer based in Apeldoorn. In my photography I have a great interest in visualizing people by taking personal portraits and business headshots. Besides that I like travel/landscape and street photography. See also this interview with me (Dutch).
Besides my assignments I am trying to work on personal projects.
Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my photography. I’m available for commissions and other photography projects.
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(photo: Sven Scholten)

I love Fujifilm’s design and continuous improvement philosophy combined with their optical and sensor performance and analog inspired controls and ergonomics. At present, I use the X-Pro1, X-E2, X-Pro2 and X100V.
See my gear page for more details. I also have a Fujifilm dedicated Instagram account.​​​​​​​
Apeldoorn Photo
Since 2017 I am Chairman of the Board of Apeldoorn Photo, the largest photography platform in Apeldoorn (and beyond) with expositions, workshops, meetups and much more! 
In 2018, we organised the 4th edition of our photo festival ('Apeldoorn Fotostad'). See also this newspaper interview (Dutch). 
In May/June 2021 we organised the 5th edition of our photo festival. In October 2021 the well known photo exhibition Zilveren Camera was located in Apeldoorn for the first time!
From 24 September - 29 October 2023, the 6th edition of our photo festival took place!

My Graphite X-Pro2 + XF23 F2

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