What's in my bag?
I have been an enthusiastic Fujifilm-X user since 2013. On this page you´ll find my camera equipment. It is also a reference, as people often ask me about my gear and how I use it.
Why Fujifilm?
I love Fujifilm’s design and continuous improvement philosophy combined with their optical and sensor performance and analog inspired controls and ergonomics. Fujifilm’s heritage in color science is legendary and their digital film simulations deliver great results straight out of their camera's. My main reason for the X-system is that it is so small, light and intuitive, that it ensures not only a nice way of working. It also helps me to create an intimacy between me and my subject.

My Fujifilm X100V with the two conversion lenses.

How I use my camera’s
X100V - my compact perfect every day companion
My most frequently used camera is my X100V. I use it for personal projects, travelling and even client work. Together with the two conversion lenses it is my perfect every day companion, covering at least 90% of my photography needs. Being a very compact and light setup, it still delivers me a 28mm, 35mm, and 50mm focal length. According to my Lightroom metadata, I have been shooting ~23mm (35mm equiv.) in 66% of all my XF16-55 photos over the past years. And 80-85% of all my photos were taken up to ~35mm (50mm equiv.) So, my X100 kit is in many situations the only gear I really need.
X-Pro2 - gets the job done
I primarily use my X-Pro2 for intensive use, client work and longer travels. It has the Fujifilm X-Trans III 24MP sensor with Classic Chrome and Acros film simulations. The dual card slot feels safe. It is a perfect fit in size/handling and image quality for my photography. 
With the X-Pro2 I mainly use the XF56 F1.2 which is my default lens for creating portraits. I use my two Fujinon zoom lenses almost only for client work and longer travels.
If I feel like it, I use one of the small and excellent XF16/XF23/XF35/XF50 ‘Fujicrons’ on the X-Pro2. That is always a great combo!

My Graphite X-Pro2 + XF23/XF35/XF50 Fujicrons

X-Pro1 - the OG
The X-Pro1 is forever a classic. I like to use it for taking my time and slowing down my photography process while exploring the good old X-Trans I 16MP sensor quality. Today, the X-Pro1 is still a great and durable camera in a lot of ways. And it definitely has a soul!
I especially love using the original XF18 and XF35 lenses on my X-Pro1, they are a perfect fit. The small and excellent XF16/XF23/XF35/XF50 ‘Fujicrons’ are a joy to use on the X-Pro1. Furthermore, I am having fun experimenting with classic/manual lenses on the X-Pro1. 
X-E2 - ‘the Mistress’
I recently added the X-E2 with the X-Trans II 16MP sensor to my classic setup. Together with the Fujicrons it simply doesn’t get any smaller in the Fujifilm X-mount segment. The X-E2 also serves as an extra/backup camera for client work.

iPad Pro - mobile workflow
For my personal computing, I exclusively use an Apple iPad Pro M1, so my photography workflow is completely iPad based. In post edit I almost always use Lightroom and sometimes Affinity Photo. Besides the Adobe Cloud and local backup, all my selected images are backupped online at Flickr.

My X-Pro1 with my classic/manual lenses.

Please find below all the details and links to the respective product web pages.
Client work/Longer travels
• Fujifilm X-Pro2 24MP X-Trans III Graphite Edition
• XF16-55mm F2.8 (24-83mm)
• XF50-140mm F2.8 (75-210mm)
• XF 1.4 teleconverter
Portraits and/or low light situations
• XF35mm f1.4 (53mm)
• XF56mmF1.2 (84mm)
General use
• XF16mm F2.8 (24mm)
• XF23mm F2 (35mm)
• XF35mm F2 (53mm)
XF50mm F2 (76mm)
Compact/every day/travel light
X100V 26MP X-Trans IV (35mm)
• WCL-X100II (28mm) wide conversion lens
• TCL-X100II (50mm) tele conversion lens
• Weather resistant kit (AR-X100 + PRF-49S)
• Hoya UX circular polariser 49mm
Slowing down (and exploring X-Trans I/II sensor)
• X-Pro1 16MP X-Trans I (FujiXWeekly, Fujilove, DPreview)
• X-E2 16MP X-Trans II

• Fujinon XF18mm F2
• TTArtisan 23mm F1.4
• Fujinon XF35mm F1.4
Canon 50mm F1.4 LTM 
Helios 44M-4 58mm F2 MC
• Fujifilm HG-XPRO grip
​​​​​​• Fujifilm MHG-XPRO2 grip
• Fujifilm M Mount adapter
• Urth M39 to Leica M adapter

​​• MeFOTO GlobeTrotter alu tripod
​​​• Hoya UX circular polariser 43 + 49mm

• Firecrest circular polariser 77mm
JJC FP-K3 filter pouch
• Viltrox RB08 LED light​​​​​
• BlackRapid Metro camera sling
• Hyperion Tartan Grey strap
• Peak Design Cuff wrist strap
• Clever Supply Minimal Anchor strap
• Fujifilm Globe-Trotter X-Pro2 limited edition strap
• Fujifilm LC-XPro1 leather case & strap
• Adobe Lightroom 1TB plan
• Affinity Photo (Photoshop alternative)
• Adobe Portfolio (website)
Flickr Pro (online archive)
• Apple iPad Pro 12.9 M1
• Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3 mobile printer​
• Sandisk Extreme PRO 1TB SSD (on-site backup)

• Think Tank Retrospective 5 shoulder bag
• ONA The Leather Brixton messenger bag
• Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 20 compact bag
• ONA The Leather Bond Street messenger bag

• Grams28 113 Leather Folio black
• Peak Design Backpack Zip 15L

• Reismonkey camera shoulder bag
On-site lighting
• Fujifilm EF-X20 shoe mount flash
• Viltrox OC-E3 off camera shoe cord
• Godox Witstro AD100Pro portable 100Ws strobe
• SMDV Speedbox-Flip24G flippable 24” softbox
• LumoPro LP180 quad-Sync manual flash
• WestCott 2021 60” optical umbrella
• LumoPro LP605 5-section stand
• LumoPro LP633 swivel & hotShoe adapter
• Falcon Eyes CRK-32SL/G circular reflector
Studio lighting
My old but also powerful studio setup which I rarely use these days:
• Falcon Eyes 2x GN300-AD flash units
• Falcon Eyes 2x SB6080 soft boxes
• Falcon Eyes 2x L-2600G light stands
• Falcon Eyes B8510 background support
• Falcon Eyes CRK-32SL/G circular reflector
• Falcon Eyes RF-604 trigger & receiver
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